Our Alumni are wide spread across globe holding covetable positions and responsibilities. The Department maintains a very close relationship with the Alumni. Alumni meets are normally organised along with the events such as seminars and workshops.

A group has just been started in yahoo at: for keeping the interactions live and keep them posted on the latest developments in the Departments and future plans. Those who have not joined the groupyet are encouraged to be part of the group by following the link above.

Alumni Association

The current executive committee of the association consists of:

President Head of the Department (Dr. Sunil K. N. Kutty)
Vice- President Prof. Rani Joseph
Secretary Mr. Sebastian M.S.
Joint Secretary Dr. Sailaja G.S.
Treasurer Prof. K.E.George
Member1 Mr. Satheesh N.
Member2 Mr. Sabarinatha Prasad
Member3 Mrs. Nishiath Rahiman
Member4 Mr. Azhar Abdul Razak
Member5 Mr. Noby Joseph
Member6 Dr. Ushamani M.
Member7 Mr. Vijay G. Pillai
Member8 Prof. Thomas Kurian
Member9 Dr. Jinu Jacob George