Ph.D. Awardees Of The Department Of P.S. & R. T. Since 1987
Sl. No Name of the Awardee Title Of The Thesis Research Guide Date Of Award
1 K.E. George Studies On Polymer Blends With Special Reference To Nbr/Pvc And Cr/Pvc Blends Dr. D. Joseph Francis 07.11.1987
2 Rani Joseph Curing Studies Of Elastomer Blends With Special Reference To Nr/Sbr And Nr/Br Blends Dr.D.Joseph Francis 07.05.1988
3 T. Raveendran Studies On  Polyurethane Elastomers On Liquid Natural Rubber Dr. D. Joseph Francis 07.10.1989
4 George Mathew Studies On Accelerators In Rubber Vulcanization With Special Reference To The Binary Systems Containing Substituted Dithiobiurets Dr. A.P. Kuriakose 10.05.1990
5 T.P. Antony Pilot Plant Studies On The Utilisation Of Industrial Wastes For Industrial Bitumen Manufacture Dr.D. Joseph Francis 02.06.1990
6 Jayamma Francis Studies On Pvc Blends With Special Reference To Pvc/Cr And Pvc/Lldpe Blends Dr. K.E. George 05.12.1992
7 Daniel Abraham Studies On Ldpe/Lldpe Blends Dr. D. Joseph Francis 05.12.1992
8 Suma N. Co-Vulcanization Of Elastomer Blends With Special Reference To Nr/Iir And Nr/ Epdm Dr. Rani Joseph 28.12.1992
9 Joy Mathew Studies On Thermoplastic Elastomers With Special Reference To Triblock Copolymer And Nbr/Pvc Blends Dr. D. Joseph Francis 10.06.1993
10 Philip Kurian Studies On Hdpe/ Lldpe Blends Dr. K.E. George 31.07.1993
11 Madhu G. Studies On The Treatment Of Effluents From Natural Rubber Processing Units Dr. K.E. George 13.01.1995
12 Reena Susan George Production Of Latex Reclaim And Its Utilisation In Polymer Blends Dr. Rani Joseph 15.07.1995
13 Ashalatha P.V Studies On Polypropylene Elastomer Blends Dr. D. Joseph Francis 28.09.1995
14 Shanti A . Aurah Studies On Polymer Bound Antioxidants Dr. Rani Joseph 21.05.1996
15 V. Boothalingam Pillai Interpenetrating Polymer Networks Based On Hydroxyl Terminated Natural Rubber Dr.D. Joseph Francis 27.07.1996
16 Laliamma Jose Studies On Latex Compounding Dr. Rani Joseph 17.10.1996
17 Ganapathy Rajendran Utilisation Of Rice By Products In Rubber Dr. A.P. Kuriakose 02.06.1997
18 Balakrishnan K.V Studies In Oleoresins (An Investigation Into Food           Colour From Indian Chilli Oleoresin) Dr. K.E. George 04.10.1997
19 Cyriac Mathew Studies On A New Vulcanization System Dr. A.P. Kuriakose 04.11.1997
20 Job Kuriakose Studies On Elastomer Blends With Special Reference To Nbr/Butyl, Nr/Butyl And Nbr/Epdm Blends Dr. Rani Joseph 04.11.1997
21 Mary Joseph Studies On Latex Reclaim And Its Blends Dr. K.E. George 24.10.1998
22 Fathimathul Suhara P.P. Studies On Short Polyester Fibre-Polyurethane Elastomer Composite With Different Interfacial Bonding Agents Dr. Sunil K. N. Kutty 21.11.1998
23 Joseph Francis P.J. Effect Of Feeding Rate In Polymer Extrusion Dr. Rani Joseph 20.03.1999
24 Srilathakutty R Studies On New Base Materials For Microcellular Soles Dr. K.E. George 29.05.1999
25 Lynta Job Studies On Adhesives For Bonding Rubber To Rubber And Rubber To Textiles Dr. Rani Joseph 21.08.1999
26 Neetha John Development Of Novel Polymer Based Adhesives Dr. Rani Joseph 25.04.2000
27 V.Nandan Studies On The Use Of Vegetable Oils As Ingradient In The Vulcanization Of Elastomers Dr.Rani Joseph 11.10.2001
28 Sreeja T.D Studies On Short Nylon Fibre - Reclaimed Rubber/Elastomer Composites Dr. Sunil K. N. Kutty 26.12.2001
29 Sheelakumari Isac Modification Of Polyethylenes By Reactive Extrusion Dr. K.E. George 23.03.2002
30 Sulekha P.B Synthesis, Characterization And Uses Of Polymer Bound Antioxidants Dr. Rani Joseph 25.01.2003
31 Susamma A.P. Studies On New Binary Accelerator Systems In Rubber Vulcanization Dr. A.P. Kuriakose 21.03.2003
32 Rajalakshmi S. Studies On Thermoplastic Elastomers Based On Polyethylene/Elastomer Blends Dr. Rani Joseph 21.03.2003
33 Shiny Palatty New Accelerator Systems For Low Temperature Curing Of Elastomer With Special Reference To Nr/Nbr And Nr/Br Blends Dr. Rani Joseph 21.03.2003
34 Solomon M.A. Evaluation Of Magnetic Dielectric And Mechanical Properties Of Rubber Ferrite Composites Dr. Philip Kurian 21.03.2003
35 Thommachan Xavier Synthesis And Characterization Of Thermoplastic Isomers Based On Natural Rubber Dr .Thomas Kurian 21.03.2003
36 Mary Kurian Amidino Thiourea As A Secondary Accelerator In Rubber Vulcanization Dr. A.P. Kuriakose 19.04.2003
37 Princy K.G. Studies On Conducting Polymer And Conductive Elastomer Dr. Rani Joseph 28.05.2003
38 Jacob Samuel Synthesis And Characterization Of Novel Ionomers Based Styrene Butadiene Copolymers Dr.Thomas Kurian 29.09.2003
39 Ushamani. M. Studies On Photo- Sensitive Polymers For Optical Recording Dr. Rani Joseph 07.11.2003
40 Honey John Studies On Selected Conducting Polymers For Microwave And Electrical Applications Dr. Rani Joseph 17.07.2004
41 Nelson P.A Studies On The Utilisation Of Rubber Reclaim In Elastomers Dr. Sunil K. N. Kutty 18.12.2004
42 Benny Cherian A. Studies On Toughening Of Unsaturated Polyester Resins Dr. Eby Thomas Thachil 20.04.2005
43 A. Seema Studies On Short Nylon Fibre - Reclaimed Rubber/Elastomer Composites With Epoxy Resin As Bonding Agent Dr. Sunil K. N. Kutty 23.07.2005
44 Thomas N. Abraham Recyclable Short Fibre Reinforced Plastics Pp/Nylon And Hdpe/ Nylon Composites Dr. K.E. George 29.05.2006
45 Lakshmikuttyamma B. Weld Line Behaviour Of Polymer Blends With Special Reference To Pp/Hdpe, Pp/Ps And Hdpe/Ldpe Blends Dr. K.E. George 30.11.2006
46 Unnikrishnan K.P Studies On The Toughening Of Epoxy Resins Dr. Eby Thomas Thachil 30.11.2006
47 Nisha V.S Radiopaque Material From Natural Polymers: Special Emphasis On Chitosan And Natural Rubber Dr. Rani Joseph 24.03.2007
48 Rinku Mary Thomas Optimization Of Preparation Techniques And Dielectric Study Of Polyanilines In The Microwave And High Frequency Field Dr. K.E. George 24.03.2007
49 Mundan Kurian Chummar Sunny Studies On Metallocene Polyolefin And Polyvinyl Chloride For Blood And Blood Component Storage Applications Dr. K.E. George 21.04.2007
50 Lovely Mathew P. Short Isora Fibre Reinforced Natural Rubber Composites Dr. Rani Joseph 13.07.2007
51 Anoop Anand K. Polymer Nano Composites Crystallization, Reinforcement And Conductivity Through Swnt's Dr. Rani Joseph 15.09.2007
52 Mary Lubi C. Novel Applications Of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid In The Polymer Field Dr. Eby Thomas Thachil 11.01.2007
53 Lity Alen Varghese Novel Adhesive System Based On Neoprene Phenolic Blends Dr. Eby Thomas Thachil 11.01.2008
54 Sunil Jose T. Epdm/Ciir Blends Compatibility, Morphology And Physical Properties Dr. Rani Joseph 26.03.2008
55 K.S. Maya Studies On In Situ Precipitated Silica Filled Rubber Composites With Special Reference To Nr, Nbr And Sbr Dr. Rani Joseph 08.04.2008
56 Aswathy K.V. Nano-Zinc Oxide  : A Novel Modifier For Thermoplastics Dr. Rani Joseph 22.05.2008
57 Priya Viswanath Development Of Polymer Cement Composites Dr.Eby Thomas Thachil  11.07.2008
58 Joshy.M.K Isora Fibre Reinforced Polyester And Epoxy Composites Dr.Rani Joseph 11.07.2008
59 Prema.K.H. Magnetic,Dieletric And Physico-Mechanical Properties Of Rubber Ferrite Nanocomposite Dr.Philip Kurian  20.08.2008
60 Sreenivasan.P.V. Compatiblization Of Powdered Nitrile Rubber Dr.Philip Kurian  11.08.2008
61 Lakshmi.K. Development Of Thermoplastic Conducting Polymer Composites Based On Polyaniline And Polythiophene For Microwave And Eletrical Application Dr.K.E.George  02.09.2008
62 Ansu Jacob Rubber Layered Clay Nanocomposites Dr. Philip Kurian  04.02.2009
63 Mary Alexander Applications Of Cardanol In Rubber Processing Dr. Eby Thomas Thachil  10.03.2009
64 Saritha Chandran Poly Aniline Coated Short Nylon Fibre/Elastomer Composites: Electrical And Microwave Characteristics Dr. Sunil K. N. Kutty  22.03.2009
65 Raju P. Studies On The Use Of Vegetable Oils As Plasticizer In Natural And Synthetic Elastomers Dr. Sunil K. N. Kutty  03.05.2009
66 Dhanya R. Development Of Photo Refractive Polymers: Synthesis And Characterisation Of Polymers With Dona-Ii-Acceptor Groups Dr. Rani Joseph  19.06.2009
67 Renjanadevi B. Modification Of Polypropylene And Polystyrene Using Nano Silica Dr. K.E. George 26.08.2009
68 Leny Mathew Development Of Elastomeric Hybrid Composites Based On Synthesized Nano Silica And Short Nylon Fibre Dr. Sunil K. N. Kutty  03.07.2010
69 Suma K.K. Development Of Novel Surface Coatings Based On Acrylic Copolymer Dr. Rani Joseph 31.07.2010
70 Sinto Jacob Modification Of Short Fibre Composites Of Pp And Hdpe Using Nano Silica Dr. K.E. George  06.09.2010
71 Bhuwaneswary M.G. Modification Of Natural Rubber Using Thermoset Resin Dr. Eby Thomas Thachil  17.09.2010
72 Jude Martin Mendez Optimization Of The Mechanical Properties Of Hdpe/Pp Blends And Their Recyclable Composites Dr. K.E. George  20.10.2010
73 Vijayalekshmi V. Studies On Natural Rubber/Clay Nano Composites: Effect Of Maleic Anhydride Grafting Of Rubber Dr. K.E. George 11.11.2010
74 Parameswaran P.S. Modification Of Phenol Formaldehyde Resin For Improved Mechanical Properties Dr. Eby Thomas Thachil  08.04.2011
75 Anna Dilfi K.F. Linear Low Density Polyethylene - Biodegradability Using Bacteria From Marine Benthic Environment And Photo Degradability Using Ultra Violet Light Dr. Thomas Kurian  12.04.2012
76 Nimmy K.P. Studies On Methylene Blue Sensitized Poly(Vinyl Alcohol): Effect Of Molecular Weight Of Polymer And Cross Linking Agents On Its Holograpohic Properties Dr. Rani Joseph  12.04.2012
77 Newly Joseph Weld-Line Behaviour Of Modified Pp, Hdpe And Their Blends Dr. K.E. George  03.07.2012
78 Saisy K. Esthappan Polypropylene/Metal Oxide Nanocomposites: Fiber Spinning And Evaluation Dr. Rani Joseph 16.03.2013
79 Jayalatha Gopalakrishnan G. Short Nylon -T Fiber / Rubber - Toughened Polystyrene Composites Dr. Sunil K. N. Kutty 27.4.2013
80 Vidya Francis Modification Of Linear Low Density Polyethylene For Improved Photo And Biodegradation Dr. Eby Thomas Thachil 6.5.2013
81 Vidya G. Blue, Green And Orange-Red Light Emitting Polymers: Synthesis, Characterisation And Prospects Of Application In Optoelectronic Devices Dr. Rani Joseph 1.7.2013
82 D.S. Pramila Devi Synthesis, Characterization And Properties Of Conductive Elastomeric Composites Based On Polypyrrole And Short Nylon -6 Fiber Dr. Sunil K. N. Kutty 02.08.2013
83 Zeena P. Hamza Ionomer Compatibilized Low Density Polyethylene- Tapioca Starch Blends: Biodegradability  And Photodegradability Dr. Thomas Kurian  12.08.2013
84 Bipinbal P.K. Preparation And Characterization Of Micro And Nano Fibre Reinforced Natural Rubber Composites By Latex Stage Processing Dr. Sunil K. N. Kutty 07-01-2014
85 Ajalesh B, Nair Ethylene-Propylene Diene Terpolymer/ Hexafluoropropylene-Vinylidene Fluoride Elastomeric Composites: Thermal, Mechanical And Micriwave Properties. Dr. Philip Kurian 31-01-2014
86 Nisha Nandakumar Radiopacity And Chemical Resitance Of Elastomer – Barium Sulphate Nanocomposites With Special Reference To Natural Rubber, Ethyelene Propylene Rubber And Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber Dr. Philip Kurian 22.08.2014
87 Sasidharan K Natural Rubber Latex Filler Masterbatch By Soap Sensitised Coagulation-Preparation, Processsing and Evaluation Dr. Thomas Kurian 2014
88 Preetha Nair K Studies On The Use Of Nanokaolin, MWCNT And Graphene In NBR And SBR  Dr. Rani Joseph 2014
89 Anjana R Modification Of Polypropylene / High Density Polyethylene Blend Using Nanokaolinite Clay And E-Glass Fibre: Preparation, Characterization And Micromechanical Modelling Dr. K. E. George 2015
90 Asha Krishnan K Modification Of Polypropylene / Polystyrene Blend Using Nanoclay And Sisal Cellulose Nano Fiber Dr. K. E. George 2015
91 Jenish Paul Modifications Of DGEBA Using Epoxidised Resins Dr. Eby Thomas Thachil 2015
92 Sona Narayanan K  Design And Synthesis Of Donor-Acceptor Low Band Gap Copolymers For Photoconductive And Non-linera Optical Applications Dr. Rani Joseph 2015
93 Praseetha P Nair Studies On Mechanical Behaviour Of Filled Polystyrene: Comparison Between Insitu Polymerisation And Melt Mixing Dr. K. E. George 2015
94 Resmi V C Development Of Phenol Formaldehyde Resin With Improved Optical Transparency And Low Formaldehyde Emission Using Chemical And Bio Scavengers Sunil K. N. Kutty 2016
95 Teena Thomas Flexible Conducting / Magnetic Nano Composites Based On Natural Rubber Dr. Eby Thomas Thachil 2016
96 Sobha A P Development Of Functionalised Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube / /Polyanyline Composites For Electrical Applications Sunil K. N. Kutty 2016
97  Jose Sebastian Effect Of II-VI Semiconductor Nanomaterials And Electron Irradiation On Polystyrene (PS) and Poly (ETHYLENE-CO-VINYL ACETATE) (EVA)  Dr. Eby Thomas Thachil 2016
98 Abhilash G Preparation Of Low Protein Latex: Effect Of Different Cure Systems And Fillers On Its Properties Dr. Rani Joseph 2016
99 Dennymol P V Hydroxyapatite, exfoliated graphite reinforced polyolefins for high performance applications.   2016
100 Sreejesh P R Biocomposites Of Regenerated Cellulose With Conducting Materials For Nonlinear Optical Application Dr. Rani Joseph 2016
101 Renju V S Utilization Of Waste Expanded Polystyrene In The Processing Of Rubbers And Unsaturated Polyester Dr. Eby Thomas Thachil 2016
102 Ayswarya E P Development and evaluation of ash filled Polymer composites.   2017
103 Tresa Sunitha George Synergistic Effect of short fibre and nano kaolin clay on polystyrene/high density polyethylene blends Dr. K.E George 16.06.2017
104 Jolly  V Antony In-situ Synthesis and optical nonlinearity of  CdS and ZnS quantum dot- functional polymer composites  Dr. Philip Kurian 31.10.2016
105 Abhitha K Safe Accelerator Incorporated Non-cytotoxic Vulcanizates based on Natural Rubber Dr. Thomas Kurian 16.02.2018
106 Neena George Segregated and random network formation of MWCNT and nanosilica in NR and XNBR Dr. Rani Joseph 03.03.2018
107 Muralidharan M N Development of Reduced Graphene Oxide/ Polymer Nanocomposites for Optical Limiting, Optical Actuation and Electrical Applications Dr. Thomas Kurian 8.06.2018
108 Molice Thomas Effect of N-Benzoyl-N’, N’-pyrrolidinylthiourea as a novel secondary accelerator in the vulcanization of elastomers Dr. Thomas Kurian 18.06.2018
109 Anju V P Development of PVA and PMMA based Composites with Improved Fire Resistance for Chemical Sensing, Energy Storage and Antibacterial Applications Dr. Sunil K. N. Kutty 29.6.2018
110 Neena George Chemical Recycling of PET Bottle Waste to Terephthalic Dihydrazide and its Application as a Versatile Polymer Additive. Dr. Thomas Kurian 13.08.2018
111 Shadiya M A Tailoring HMHDPE/LLDPE blend for High Performance Applications: Role of Nanozirconia, Silica nanofibres Dr.K.E. George 11.09.2018
112 Sreedevi P G Modification of Thermoplastic Elastomer Based on Polypropylene/Polybutadiene Blend Using Nanoclay and Carbon Nanofibre Dr.Rani Joseph 10.09.2018
113 Julie Chandra C S Evaluation of Frequency-Dependent Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber Composites Dr. Sunil K. N. Kutty 29.10.2018
114 Nishad K M Synthesis of Mechanoresponsive Healable Polymers through Diels-Alder Unclick/Click Chemistry via Single Electron Transfer- Living Radical Dr.Rani Joseph 21.12.2018
115 Dhanya Vijayan Aluminium Trihydroxide and Expandable Graphite Based Elastomer Composites with Special Reference to Fluorocarbon Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, Neoprene Rubber and Natural Rubber Dr. Rani Joseph &                         Dr. A Mathiazhagan 08.02.2019
116 Remya Suresh Studies on the Mechanical and Dielectric Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Resin Modified by MWCNT,Graphene Oxide and Rubber Seed oil Dr.Rani Joseph 16.04.2019
117 Neethu P M Preparation of Polyaniline/Metallic Oxide Hybrid Composites for Photocatalytic and Dielectric Applications Dr.Rani Joseph & 
Dr. P M Sabura Begum
118 Ajekwene K K  Studies on Ionomer-Polyaniline and Ionomer-Polyaniline-MWCNT Composites for Electrical and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Applications Dr. Thomas Kurian &
Dr. Honey John
119 Jisha Pillai Development of Donor-Acceptor Low Band Gap Polymers for Photoconducting and Non-linear Optical Applications: Theoretical Design and Synthesis Dr. Rani Joseph &
Dr. C Sudha Kartha