I Consultancy

An active consultancy wing of the Department caters to the needs of the polymer industries in the state. Some of the clients who utilised the services of the Department are: Baba Atomic Research Cetre (BARC), National Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), Kochi, Eindhoven Technical University, the Netherlands, etc. Apart from taking up full fledged consultancy works, the Department also does the testing and characterisation works. For more details please contact or contact at 484- 2575723/ 2577747( fax).

For a list of available instruments and testing charges please CLICK HERE

II. Continuing Education

Realising the continuing need for subject updation of the technocracts in industry and acadamicians from colleges, the Department organises taiormade courses in various subjects like rubber technology, latex technology, Adhesives and surface coatings, composites etc. Interested companies / institutions may contact the Head of the Department for organising such courses for their employees.

III. Alumni

Our Alumni are wide spread across globe holding covetable positions and responsibilities. The Department maintains a very close relationship with the Alumni. Alumni meets are normally organised along with the events such as seminars and workshops. An group has just been started in yahoo at: for keeping the interactions live and keep them posted on the latest developments in the Departments and future plans. All who have not joined the groupyet are encouraged to be part of the group by following the link above.


Society of Polymer Technologists(SPOT) is a registered body having a strength of 600 members consiting of industrialists, technocrats, academicians and students from all over India and abroad. SPOT functions as a platform of interaction for people who have a passion for polymers and related areas. SPOT routinely organises workshops, international seminars, invited talks and alumni meets

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