Dr. Rani Joseph, Ph.D

Professor Emeritus
Dept. of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology,
Cochin University of Science & Technology,
Kochi-682022, Kerala, INDIA. Tel::0484-2575723,

Academic Qualifications
Ph.D from Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin. (1988)
B.Tech from Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin (1977)
M.Sc from Kerala University, Trivandrum (1974)

Research Areas

Polymer nanocomposites
Rubber to metal bonding
Polymer bound antioxidants
Rubber reclaimingRubber blendsRubber composites
Polymer in optical recording
Conducting polymers
Photoconducting and photorefractive polymers
Novel polymer coatings

Book Chapters













  1. “Non-Linear Viscoelasticity of Rubber Composites and Nanocomposites”, Springer, 2014.
  2. Eco-friendly biocomposites of natural rubber and natural fiber (Chapter-12),
    Chemistry, manufacture and applications of natural rubber, Woodhead Publishing Ltd., Cambridge, UK, September 2012.
  3. Use of coir fibers in polymer products. “ICAR publication on coconut fibre”. National Institute for Research on Jute and Allied Fibre Technology, ICAR, Kolkata.
  4. Contributed one chapter to the Rubber Bonding Handbook published by RAPRA, UK. 
  5. Coauthor “Chemistry Text book” for engineering students.
  6. Contributed one chapter to Handbook of   Polymer Foams published by RAPRA, UK.
  7. Conducting Polymers and Conductive Elastomers: Studies on conducting poly(p-phenylenediamine)and conductive Silicone and Nitrile Rubber Paper back – December 12, 2010 by PRINCY K.G. , Rani Joseph   ISBN-13: 978-3843378246  ISBN-10: 384337824X
  • Awards received 

    1. MRF award (1992-93) for the best Paper submitted for the IRMRA, 16th Rubber Conference.
    2. Two students received Young Scientist award in the year 1995
    3. Indian Laser Association- best Poster award in the year 2002
    4. Two students received Young Scientist award in the year 2003
    5. SPSI best Ph.D thesis award in the year 2003, 2005, 2007
    6. Indian National Academy of Engineering – best Ph.D thesis award in the year 2004

Research Projects

  1. Covulcanisation of elastomer blends for critical applications Sponsored by UGC
    Reclaiming of waste latex products (1996-1999) ponsored by the    DST.
    Short Rayon Fibre reinforced Natural  rubber composites 2002 –2005 Sponsored by AICTE
  2. Development of Novel class of Materials for Antenna having Automatic Beam Stearing  property sponsored by DRDO
  3. Development of new polymers for optical recording sponsored by DRDO
  4. Development of Pressure sensors using conducting Polymers   Sponsored by ISRO
  5. Use of Electron Beam for curing and sterilization of rubber products   sponsored by BRNS
  6. Use of SWNT for the development of Electrically Conducting Natural Rubber Sponsored by DST 
  7. Photorefractive and photoconducting polymers. Sponsored by DST
  • Novel photpolymers for optical recording  sponsored by DRDO 

    Development project           

    Development of butyl rubber  and Neoprene latex based Gauntlets   (1997-1998), sponsored   Dept. of Atomic Energy, Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam.
    Use of Natural Rubber latex in Bitumen modification
    Development of new water based adhesive for retreading industry
    Designed many rubber compound   formulations for industries





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