BTech & MTech Courses

The Department offers four-year B. Tech. (Polymer Science and Engineering), two-year M. Tech. (Polymer Technology) and research leading to Ph. D. The Academic semesters span form July to November and December to April. The curriculum and syllabi are as per the guidelines of the AICTE.

The B.Tech (Polymer Science and Rubber Technology) was started in 1972 as a two-year post-B. Sc. course which was restructured to three years in 1978. In 2004 the course was revamped completely to make it a four-year-long B. Tech. for which the admission requirement was Plus-two (10+2). In 2009, the course was redesignated as B. Tech. (Polymer Science and Engineering) without compromising the rubber technology content. The admission is through an All-India Entrance test (CAT) conducted by the University every year in April/May for which the registration will be during December/ January. This course with a limited intake of 20 students per year is a Govt. aided one and hence the semester fees is nominal. The highlights of the course are the one-semester long project work and training in an industry and very high prospects of placement through campus recruitment. Many of our students qualify for GATE examination without additional coaching and pursue their higher education in IITs or abroad. From 2020 admission onwards the syllabus of the B. Tech. programme has been modified in tune with the Outcome Based Education.

The M.Tech. (Polymer Technology) course, started in 1985 with assistance from UGC and AICTE admits 10 students per year. The selection is based on GATE score/ Departmental Admission Test (for non -gate students). Applications are invited during December / January. Classes start by July. Many of our students opt for research in IITs or abroad.

For more details on fee and academics please see:

Ph.D. Programme and Post Doctoral Fellowship

The Department has an active research wing. External agencies like the MHRD, Department of Science and Technology (Govt. of India), University Grants Commission (UGC), Department of Science and Technology (Govt. of Kerala) are supporting the Department through various research projects. The department has been funded by the DST under the FIST programme. Currently, 38 research students are working in various aspects of polymer technology. 119 126 Ph.Ds have been awarded till now.

Some of the current research areas are:

1 Nanomaterials/Polymer nanocomposites
2 Photonic and electronic applications
3 Biomaterials for tissue engineering and drug delivery applications
4 Targeted gene therapy with nanoparticles
5 Antibacterial products for biomedical applications
6 Ionomers
7 Conducting Polymers
8 Adhesives and Coatings
9 Polymer Blends and composites
10 Novel compounding ingredients

A post Graduation with at least 60 % marks in the qualifying examination. Valid national test scores such as NET, GATE/ a pass in the Departmental Admission Test. The input PG must be in Polymer Science/ Chemistry/Technology or Chemistry with polymer specialisation or Chemical Engineering.

Admission is through Departmental Admission Test (DAT) conducted during May/ June. Applications is available during January - March. For more details on application procedure and Ph.D. Regulations, visit the below page.

Post Doctoral Fellowship
The Department has a few Post Doctoral Fellowship positions. Currently four PDFs are pursuing advanced research in their selected areas. Applications for this fellowship is processed twice in an year.

Awards / recognitions received for / innovations won by institution / teachers / research scholars / students

# Awards Name of the Awardee Name of the Awarding Agency Year of Award
1 Best Poster Award Mathew Sunil 34th Kerala Science Congress, 10-12 Feb 2022, 2022
2 Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Bharat Shiksha Awards 2021 Prof. Prasanth R. Bharat Shiksha Awards 2021 2021
3 Distinguished Researcher Award 2020 Dr. Nisha T.P. IQAC, CUSAT 2021
4 Best Poster Award Teena P. Varghese National conference "Current Trends in Polymer Science" organized by Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology, CUSAT, February 28, 2020 2020
5 Best Paper Award Irthasa Azem National Conference on "New Frontiers In Material And Environmental Sciences" organised by S.H. College Thevara 2020
6 Best Oral Presentation Meera Sathyan 32nd Kerala Science Congress 2020
7 Second Prize Aswin A., Irthasa Aazem, Liz Hannah George, Praseetha R. Nair Science and Technology Exhibition, Sacred Heart College, Thevara, 16-20 January, 2019 2019
8 Best Poster Award Liz Hannah George, International Conference on Biomaterials, “BIOTerm-2019” at IIT Kanpur 2019
9 Best Poster Award Praseetha R. Nair World Congress on Biotechnology Healthcare Summit- 2019, IISC Banglore 2019
10 Best Poster Award (2nd position) Meera Sathyan 4th International Conference on "Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Characterisation and Applications" organised by MG University Kottayam 2019
11 Best Oral Presentation Sona Stanley AKS-2019, St. Albert's College, Ernakulam 2019
12 Best Oral Presentation Nisha T. P. 31st Kerala Science Congress 2019
13 Best Poster Award Neena George National Conference on Trends in Polymer Science, Dept. of Polymer Science & Rubber Technology, CUSAT, Feb 9, 2018 2018
14 Best oral presentation Nisha T.P ICONSEA 2018 2018

Patents published/awarded

# Name of the Patenter Patent Number Title of the patent Year of Award of patent Patent File
1 Honey John, Divya Jose, Saji K.J., Jelmy E J, Vijoy K V, M K Jayaraj, Antony Sharon 397451 Reduced Graphene Oxide- Conducting Polymer – Polydimethyl siloxanecomposite, Process for preparation Thereof, And Energy Harvester 18-02-20
2 Liz Hanna George and Sailaja G.S. 388970 Long lived photoluminescent PMMA-silver terephthalate polymer composite films with Antibacterial Activity 23.01.2020
3 Athul S, George Justine, C.P. Reghunadhan Nair 376761 A Process for obtaining Polyols from rubber seed oil by a onestep hydroxylation, cross linkable polymer products derived thereof and methods of preparing them 25.01.2018

Functional MoUs with institutions/ industries in India and abroad for internship, on-the-job training, project work, student / faculty exchange and collaborative research

# Organisation with which MoU is signed Name of the institution/ industry/ corporate house Year of signing MoU Duration Activities under the MOU
1 CUSAT-Thejo Engineering Ltd, Chennai CUSAT-Thejo Engineering Ltd, Chennai 2020 2 years R & D collaboration
2 CUSAT- Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd. CUSAT- Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd. 2020 1 year R & D collaboration
3 Pushpagiri research centre Pushpagiri research centre 2019 3 years R & D collaboration
4 CUSAT-Yamagata (Japan) CUSAT-Yamagata (Japan) 2017 ongoing (not limited) Academic agreement for student exchange
5 CUSAT- Srilanka CUSAT- Srilanka 2016 ongoing (not limited) Academic collaboration

Workshops / Seminars / Invited Talks organised by the Department

# Event Date Event Data
1 Invited talk on "Role of Polymer Nanocomposite Technologyin Development of products for Defence applications" by Dr. Debdatta Ratna, DRDO 14.06.2022
2 Alumni Lecture Series "Career in Industry-Expectations and Reality" by Mr. Harish S, CEAT Tyres 25.03.2022
3 National conference on "Current Trends in Polymer Science CTPS'2022" 06.05.2022-07.05.2022
4 International Conference on Advances in Polymer Technology "APT'21" 27.05.2021-29.05.2021
5 National conference on "Current Trends in Polymer Science CTPS'2020" 28.02.2020
6 National conference on "Current Trends in Polymer Science CTPS'2019" 22.03.2019
7 National Workshop and Open Expo"EPOCH 19" 01.03.2019-02.03.2019
8 National conference on "Current Trends in Polymer Science CTPS'2018" 09.02.2018
9 Seminar on Lab Safety Practices 17.01.2018
10 Special lecture on Research Methodology 30.03.2017

Current Students

B.Tech. & M.Tech students

Research scholars and Postdoctoral Students

# Name PhD / PDF Topic of Research Supervising Guide
1Bijina V.PhDPolymer nanocomposites for structural/Tyre applicationsProf. Honey John
2Lakshmi Variar C.V.PhDPolymer composites for embedded capacitor applicationProf. Sunil K. Narayanankutty
3Jesna LouisPhDInorganic / organic hybrids for optoelectronic applicationProf. Honey John
4Sirajunnisa P.PhDOrganic-inorganic hybrids for drug delivery and biosensing / imagingProf. Sailaja G.S.
5Neethu T.M. BalakrishnanPhDDevelopment of nanocomposites for energy storage devicesProf. Prasanth Raghavan
6Soumya C.C.PhDPolymer composites with anticorrosive propertiesProf. Sunil K. Narayanankutty
7Sithara RadhakrishnanPhDTriboelectric nanogenerators for marine energy harvestingProf. Honey John, Dr. T Santhanakrishnan
8Sijla Rosely C.V.DS Kothari PDFPhotocatalytic properties for water splitting and CO2 reductionProf. Honey John
9Anmiya PeterPhDDevelopment of antibacterial materials for medical devicesDr. Abhitha K.
10Alvina AugusthyPhDPolymer Nano composites for Energy Storage devicesDr. Jayalatha Gopalakrishnan
11Anjumole P. ThomasPhDBiodegradable polymer of magnesium ion batteriesProf. (Dr.) Prasanth Raghavan
12Reshma VarghesePhDPolymer Nano composites for designing Smart materialsDr. Jayalatha Gopalakrishnan
13Leya Rose RaphaelPhDPolymer nano composite for energy storage applicationsProf. (Dr.) Prasanth Raghavan
14Jesna Louis
15Jishana BasheerPhDPolymer Nanocellulose based CompositesDr. Jinu Jacob George
16Aparna JayanPhDLow Temperature Vulcanization Technique for Underwater EncapsulationDr. Abhitha K., Dr. P. Annadurai
17Liz Hannah GeorgePhDMetal organic framework for Biomedical applicationsDr. Sailaja G.S.
18Sabna CheemadanUniversity PDFDevelopment of guided bone regeneration membraneDr. Sailaja G.S.
19Sreeja S.SERB-NPDFSurface-functionalized polymer-based scaffold for osteogenesisProf. Sailaja G.S.
20Meera SathyanPhDRolling of 2D-layered reduced graphene oxide and molybdenum disulfide nanomaterials mediated via superparamagnetic iron oxide: mechanistic insights and supercapacitor performanceProf. Honey John
21Dhanu Treasa MathewPhDTriboelectric nanogenerators for energy harvesting and sensingProf. Honey John
22Mathew SunilPhDStudies on Triboelectric nanogenerators based on conducting polymers/carbon nanomaterialsProf. Honey John
23Akhila DasPhDDevelopment of Magnesium ion battery for high performance applicationsProf. Prasanth Raghavan
24Aswin A.PhDDevelopment of Novel Antimicrobial Formulations Based on NR Latex for Antibacterial Dipped GoodsProf. Sailaja G.S.
25Shinu K.P.PhDBionanocompositesDr.Jayalatha Gopalakrishnan
26Aiswarya PoulosePhDPolymer / Cellulose Bio - CompositeDr. Jinu Jacob George
27Roshny JoyPhDHybrid Polymer Composite for SupercapacitorsDr. Jinu Jacob George
28Sreelakshmi K. NarayananPhDBiopolymer sol - gels for medical applicationsProf. Prasanth Raghavan
29Asha PaulPhDLatex Stage MasterbatchesProf. Prasanth Raghavan
30Ajith MathewPhDPolymer nanocellulose based Rubber CompositesDr. Jinu Jacob George
31Indira V.PhDPolymer nanocomposites for CO2 captureDr. Abhitha K.
32Sumitha N.S.PhDSuperparamagnetic materials for cancer therapyProf. G.S. Sailaja
33Teena P. VarghesePhDEpoxy NanocompositesDr. Jayalatha Gopalakrishnan
34Jandas P.J.PDF-RUSASuperhydrophobic conveyor belt cover compoundProf. Honey John
35Jith C.J.University PDFMolybdenum disulfide nanomaterials for sensing and energy storage applicationsProf. Honey John
36Christy Ann BijiPhDStudies on magnetic nanohybrids for energy harvesting/storage appilicationsProf. Honey John
37Praseetha R. NairPhDBiodegradable scaffolds for bone tissue engineeringProf. Sailaja G.S.
38Rijoy K.J.PhDDevelopment of Natural Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composites for Light Weight ApplicationsDr. Jinu Jacob George