Our Alumni are wide spread across globe holding covetable positions and responsibilities. The Department maintains a very close relationship with the Alumni. Alumni meets are normally organised along with the events such as seminars and workshops.

Alumni Association

# Name Position
1Head of the Department
(Dr. Sunil K. N. Kutty)
2Prof. Rani JosephVice-President
3Mr. Sebastian M.S.Secretary
4Dr. Sailaja G.S.Joint Secretary
5Prof. K.E.GeorgeTreasurer
6Mr. Satheesh N.Member
7Mr. Sabarinatha PrasadMember
8Mrs. Nishiath RahimanMember
9Mr. Azhar Abdul RazakMember
10Mr. Noby JosephMember
11Dr. Ushamani M.Member
12Mr. Vijay G. PillaiMember
13Prof. Thomas KurianMember
14Dr. Jinu Jacob GeorgeMember

PTA Executive Committee Members for the year 2022-23*

# Name Position
1Prof. (Dr.) Sunil K. NarayanakuttyPTA President
2Dr. Jayalatha GopalakrishnanPTA Secretary
3Prof. (Dr.) Honey John Faculty Member
4Prof. (Dr.) Prasanth RaghavanFaculty Member
5Dr. Jinu Jacob GeorgeFaculty Member
6Dr. Abhitha K.Faculty Member
7Prof. Thomas KurianFaculty Member
8Dr. Sari P. S.Faculty Member
9Ms. Sunu N. K.Parent Representative,
Ward: Aparna M. R, B.Tech. Semester I
10Ms. Sabidha MazharParent Representative,
Ward: Sayyid Hasib, B.Tech. Semester I
11Mr. Sreeram A.Parent Representative,
Ward: Pranav S, B.Tech. Semester IV
12Mr. Manoj K.Parent Representative,
Ward: Gayathri K., B.Tech. Semester IV
13Ms. Soni SujithParent Representative,
Ward: Niha S., B.Tech. Semester VI
14Mr. Roy M. P.Parent Representative,
Ward: Abin Roy, B.Tech. Semester VI

*Based on the different online PTA meetings conducted batchwise (B.Tech. IV Sem -19.02.2022, B.Tech I & IV Sem - 02.04.2022), two parents from each batch were elected as the Executive Committee members.


The PIO of the Department

Mr. Anson Antony
Section Officer

Anti-Ragging / Grievance

Anti-Ragging Helpline

1Head of the Dept.+91-7907533273
2Director, Student's Welfare+91-9447508345
4Security Officer+91-9447972700

Anti-Ragging Squad

1Prof. Sunil K. N. KuttyChairperson
2Prof. Honey JohnMember
3Dr. Sailaja G.S.Member
4Dr. Abhitha K.Member
5Mr. Raveendran A.V.Member