Atomic Adsorption Spectrometer, Thermoscientific iCE 3000 seriesContact Angle Goniometer, RAME HART Model 290Deep Freezer, Cryocube F570-86Electrochemical Workstation, CH Instruments, CH660EGas Permeability Tester, GTR-7002Impedance AnalyserLyophilizer, CHRIST_ALPHA 24 LD PLUSMilli Q Water System, Millipore Direct 8UVRubber Processor AnalyzerStereo MicroscopeThermogravimetric Analyser, Q50 TA instrumentsUniversal Testing Machine

The Department has well-equipped laboratory for pursuing research in frontier areas.

# Equipment Name Make (Manufacturer) Model Funding Agency Type
1Atomic Absorption SpectrometerThermoFisher SCIENTIFICiCE 3500PURSE
2Compression setPrompt Engineering WorksUniversity Fund
3Contact Angle GoniometerRame-hart instruments co.,Model 290RUSA
4Deep FreezerEppendorfCryocube F570RUSA
5Dynamic Mechanical AnalysisTA Instruments, USASQ800DST FIST
6Differential scanning calorimetryTA InstrumentsQ100MHO Project
7Hardmatic HH 300 DUROMETERMitutoyo CorporationHH 300 Series 811University Fund
8Electrochemical workstation/AnalyserCH instrumentsCHI660EDST FIST
9FTIR SpectrometerPerkinElmerPerkinElmerL1600EDST FIST
10Gas permeability TesterSystesterGTR-7002Satate Plan
11GPCEmpower option GPCWATERS 2414MHO Netherlands
12Haake Polylab QC Internal MixerThermo Fisher, GermanyHAAKE 567-0050SAP I Project
14Impact TesterCEAST Resil ImpactorCEASTUniversity Fund
15Impedance AnalyserAgilent Technologies Japan4294ADST-Purse project
16Micro injection moulding machineDSM XploreDSM XPLOREUNIVERSITY FUND
17Keithley NanovoltmeterTektronics Inc., U.S.KeithleyMHO project
18Limittting Oxygen Index Analyzer [LOI]Alpha TechnoloiesALPHA TECHDST FAST TRACK
19Mechanical stability testerKLAXONKLAXONUniversity Fund
20Melt Flow Index testerCEASTceastUniversity Fund
21Lyophiliser (Freeze Dryer)CHRIST Freeze Dryer2-4 LD PlusRUSA
22RefractometerATAGO, JAPANModel DR-M2DRDO Project 2
23Rubber Processor Analyser RPA 2000Alpha Technologies USARPA 2000FIST (January 2004)
25UltracentrifugeHermleZ 36 HKRUSA
26UltrasonicatorSONICS & MATERIALS,Vibra-Cell VCX 750University Fund
27Universal Testing MachineDAK System IncT-72052 Hi-TechUGC SAP DRS II
28Universal Testing Machine (UTM),ShimadzuAG1MHO Netherland
29UV-Visible spectrophotometerElicoSL 210ISRO
30Rubber Processability TesterPrescott Instruments Ltd.RheolineUGC SAP DRS II


An active consultancy wing of the Department caters to the needs of the polymer industries in the state. Some of the clients who utilised the services of the Department are: Baba Atomic Research Centre (BARC), National Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), Kochi, Eindhoven Technical University, the Netherlands, etc. Apart from taking up full-fledged consultancy works, the Department also caters to the testing and characterisation requirement of the industry.

The samples for testing can be submitted to the Department in person or by post/ courier. The results will be sent to the client by e-mail / post. A nominal charge will be levied which can be paid online.

Bank Transfer Details:
A/C Name : The Head, Dept of PS & RT
A/C No.: 57014638990
Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: Cochin University Campus
IFSC Code: SBIN0070235

For more details please call: +91-484-2575723
or fax: +91-484-2577747
or contact

Testing Charges (With effect from 1 Jan 2022)

# Instrument/ Test Tariff (Rs.)
1Abrasion ( Moulding & Testing )750
2Ageing studies1500
4Ash content1500
5Brookfield Viscometer1500
6Carbon black content2250
7Compression Set1125
8Contact Angle measurement750
9Cure time1000
10De Mattia Flex crack resistance1500
11Dirt Content1125
12DMA (TA Instruments)2250
13DMA (with low temperature)4500
14DRC (:Latex)750
15DSC (TA Instruments)3000
16Filler content2250
17Gas permeability Test2000
19Hake Rheocord (mixing)1500
20Hake Rheocord ( extrusion)2250
21Hand injection moulding750
22Hardness (Shore A)450
23Heat Deflection Temperature2250
24Heat build up1500
26Impact Test750
27Injection moulding - automatic(per day)7500
28Infrared Spectrometer (Bruker), ZnSe ATR1500
29Kiethley Nanovolt meter750
30Melt Flow Indexr500
31Lyophiliser300 per sample, min. 1500 for 24 hrs
32Melting Point Determination500
33Mechanical Stability Tester (latex)1125
34Nitrogen content1500
35Optical microscope with Hot stage1125
36Optical microscope with polariser1500
38Polymer Identification1500
39Pour point750
40Purity testing (compounding ingredients)1500
41Refractive Index750
43Ross Flex1500
44Tear Strength1125
45Compression Moulding600
46Acetone Extraction1500
47Tensile strength (Average of 5 samples)1125
48Tensile strength (including moulding)2250
51Total Solid Content600
52Two roll mixing mill ( per hour)2250
53UV VIS ( with standard solution calibration)1500
54UV VIS Spectrophotometer ( single run)750
55Volatile Fatty Acid content1500
56Viscotester (Rheology of plastics)3000
57Gas permeability Test2000
Paint Testing
58Dry Film thickness1000
59Specific gravity500
61UV resistance1000
62Ignition loss400
63Mesh size300
64Moisture content500
65Particle size1000

A concession of 40% will be allowed for research scholars who do not get scholarship, as certified by the HOD


Library Image

The Departmental library has a good collection of books of old issues of journals. The total number of titles available is above 4000. This includes about 1740 text books and old issues of the journals, B. Tech, M. Tech. And Ph.D theses and training reports. Additionally, the university library houses pretty large collection of the books and journals in the polymer field. Many online journals are also subscribed.

# Category Number of Books
1Text Books420
2Reference Books420
4Bound Volumes360
5Ph. D. Theses99
6Project Reports1142

A bigger collection of reference materials are available in the central library.

For old question papers please visit: